Main photo of Visiting Exhibition | Sebastião Salgado's EXODUS on 2020-10-24

Visiting Exhibition | Sebastião Salgado's EXODUS

Cost: Free!
  • Sat 24 Oct 2020
  • 13:45 to 14:45
  • Kunstfoyer
  • Maximilianstraße 53
  • Munich


Let's visit the exhibition together and admire at the great work on the theme of human migration.

We will then grab a drink in a cafe near by!


  • Hi Kafai, something came up so I won't be able to make it today. Have a good time!

    24 Oct 20

  • We will meet at 13:45 as planned :), and go on for the 14:00 session. See you tomorrow!

    23 Oct 20

  • Hi everyone, you will need to book your own ticket individually for 14:00, at We will meet on the day at 13:45 in front of the entrance, and then see how it goes. See you then!

    22 Oct 20

  • Due to the latest Corona restrictions, we are unfortunately limiting the attendee number to 5

    12 Oct 20

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