About Lulalearn

Lulalearn is a platform for organizing face-to-face workshops of various kind, from photography to self-improvement seminars.

We believe that everybody has some insights in certain areas that others are eager to hear. We also believe that learning in person, with live interaction, and among a small group of supportive classmates, is still the most enjoyable and effective way to get new inspirations.

Our aim is therefore to democratise knowledge sharing, to make it simple for everyone to host gatherings or to find the right real-world community to learn new things together.

Whether you are a seasoned photographer wanting to share advices to beginners, or a confident speaker aspiring to coach people on their presentation skills, Lulalearn will help you along the way. We will give you your own web presence among a targeted audience, and provide you with various easy-to-use tools, such as for event scheduling and receiving advance payments. Thus, you can focus on the most important thing – teaching.

We also improve transparencies for learners by operating a review system, so you can rest assure that you are signing up to high-quality courses run by reputable instructors.

So Join Us today and spread knowledge!