Spelling-out your name and email address in German


Needing to spell your name and email address over a poor telephone connection, or to make sure the other party gets it right despite your accent? Here is a quick reference for how to say "A wie Anton" for alphabets and symbols in German.

Although there has been a major update in 2022 to the DIN5009 (yes, of course there is a standard for that in Germany), which uses names of German cities instead, the list below will certainly be understood by people for the next few decades at least, and perhaps more recognized until the latest version is gradually adopted in the future.

Spelling alphabets and characters

A Anton P Paula
B Berta Q Quelle
C Cäsar R Richard
D Dora S Samuel
E Emil T Theodor
F Friedrich U Ulrich
G Gustav V Viktor
H Heinrich W Wilhelm
I Ida X Xanthippe
J Julius Y Ypsilon
K Kaufmann Z Zacharias (oder Zeppelin)
L Ludwig Ä Ärger
M Martha Ö Ökonom
N Nordpol Ü Übermut
O Otto ß Eszett
@ At-Zeichen ; Semikolon
. Punkt : Doppelpunkt oder Kolon
- Minus ! Ausrufezeichen
_ Unterstrich ? Fragezeichen
+ Plus ( Klammer links
# Rautezeichen ) Klammer rechts
/ Shrägstrich & Und-Zeichen oder Kaufmanns-Und
\ Umgekehrter Schrägstrich = Gleichheitszeichen
' Apostroph % Prozentzeichen
" Anführungszeichen

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