Abbreviations in German emails


Here is a short list of frequently encountered abbreviations.

Abbreviation German meaning English meaning
bzgl. bezüglich regarding, concerning
bzw. beziehungsweise respectively
ca. circa approximately
d. h. das heißt … that means/in other words …
etc. Et cetera/und so weiter and so on
evtl. eventuell perhaps
f./ff. folgende (Seite) following (pages)
ggf. gegebenenfalls where appropriate
i. A. im Auftrag by proxy/on behalf of
Inkl. Inklusive including
lfd. laufend z. B. laufender Monat current (e.g. current month)
MfG Mit freundichen Grüßen With best regards
MwSt. Mehrwertsteuer value-added Tax
o. a. oben angegeben above mentioned
o. Ä. oder Ähnliche(s) or similar
s. o. siehe oben see above
s. u. siehe unten see below
u. a. unter anderem, und andere among others
usw. Und so weiter and so forth
z. B. zum Beispiel for example
zzgl. zuzüglich plus/In addition (tax, charges)

Things to note:

  • Abbreviations that are pronounced as a complete word are usually followed by a period/dot. Exapmle: ggf. for gegebenenfalls (exceptions: MfG, lg/LG, PLZ, CHF).
  • Abbreviations that are pronounced as such have no period. Example: AG - where one says: "A-ge" in conversations, even if it means Aktiengesellschaft.
  • Abbreviations consisting of multiple words that are spoken out are separated by a space character: e.g. one says "zum Beispiel", which corresponds to "z. B.".


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