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Basics of photography for everyone

Cost: 45.00 EUR
  • Sun 22 Sep 2019
  • 13:00 to 17:00
  • Tba


Learn how to take control of your photography to create the images you want!
This is a beginner course covering the basics of aesthetics and technique in both theory and practice.
No matter what camera you have, you’ll learn how it sees the world and how you can adjust it to capture exactly what you want to say. And we’ll help you understand how to create images to stand out.
We’ll cover three areas:
1. How we “read” images - why some work and others don’t. What to look for and how to tell the story you want to tell

2. Then we’ll talk about how to create a great images - composition, contrast, line and color. How to frame it in the camera and how to get what we see.

3. Then we’ll look at the technical aspects - exposure, shutter speed, f-stop, iso, focus, depth of field, color space and zones
We’ll learn about how your camera sees the world and how you can “trick” your camera into giving you the results you want.

Most importantly, you’re gonna do it right then and there.

You need to bring a camera - phone, point and shoot, dslr, film camera.
You’ll also need the instruction manual as I cannot know every make and model of cameras out there.

Wanna join us?
Sign up by sending a deposit or paying in advance to save the most. All deposits and fees are fully refundable if the course does not go - I need 5 participants to run it. Max is 10.

Questions, need special assistance, email me.

Location will be announced shortly.


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Nicholas crepea

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