Job Interviews in German

Highlight your strengths and get your dream job
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Level: B2
Duration: 4-weeks
Cost: € 189
Time: Mon & Wed, 18:00-19:30
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This online instructer-led practical course helps you feel more confident and better-prepared to ace your job interview in German.

Job interviews are difficult even in your native tongue. Taking this course will reduce the language barrier and let your true self shine through. You will feel more confident and also look more confident, when you know the right things to say.

Taught live by a native German teacher with years of experience teaching in various coorporations, this workshop is designed to help you get that job!

You will practice and learn:

  • how to describe your qualifications and work experience in German.
  • how to answer in German the most typical interview questions
  • the German phrases and strucutre for your job interview answers.

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