Main photo of Photo Outing - Abandoned Train Station on 2020-09-05

Photo Outing - Abandoned Train Station

Explore the hidden side of Munich

Cost: Free!
  • Sat 05 Sep 2020
  • 14:30 to 17:00
  • O2 Tower
  • Georg-Brauchle-Ring 50
  • Munich


We will visit the abandoned train station and the area around the Olympia Park. There will be graffiti-filled concrete walls, over-grown railways, tree-lined parkland, and interestingly-shaped architectures.

Especially encouraged to join are those who are new to photography and want to practise a little with their camera and composition. Experienced members are also very welcome to join and share your experience in a fun and social environment.

Hope to see you there!


  • I found it interesting to to look for old plans of the Munich railway system regarding the history of that station: - apparently it hasn't been in use for over 30 years now ....

    06 Sep 20

  • It was great to see you all yesterday! You could share your photos on There are more events coming up, such as the photo-review ( And also the tour of U-Bahn Stations! ( Feel free to host your own events too, if you want to join up for a trip to nearby lakes for example :). Looking forward to seeing you again!

    06 Sep 20

  • Hey I'm sorry I have du cancel for today hope you guys have a great time Hopefully till next time

    05 Sep 20

  • Btw, I am going to practise some German over brunch before the photo-outing. Do come join us if you are want to practise (or help others improve) as well!

    04 Sep 20

  • @andrew - sorry I tried to let you know via whatsapp but you seem to be offline there. Angi and I are in Salzburg this weekend, so feel free to take one of our spots and not be extremely sad anymore😁

    04 Sep 20

  • I am extremely sad to be missing out on this event. If any places open up, please let me know!

    04 Sep 20

  • Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow :)!

    04 Sep 20

  • Hi all, Because of the unfavorable weather, we will postpone the event to next Saturday 5th Sep, same time, same meeting place. Looking forward to seeing you then!

    28 Aug 20

  • Hi all, unfortunately the weather is not looking good for this Sat 29.09. As we will have to climb up and down the old platform plus a grassy slope, it can get slippery with rain. I suggest postponing it to next Sat 5th Sep, unless the weather forecast improves magically soon. The final decision will be announced tomorrow Fri 28.08 around noon.

    27 Aug 20

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