Hauptbild des Event Composition 101 (Online) am 2020-05-31

Composition 101 (Online)

Learn how to improve your pictures with concrete examples

  • So 31 Mai 2020
  • 10:30 bis 13:00
  • Online


A picture is worth a thousand words. But while most of us are proficient in arranging individual words into an eloquent story, many beginners in photography struggle to do the same with composing their subjects.

In this course, we will learn:
- How to break down the visual elements in a photo
- How to arrange these elements more aesthetically
- Practical tips when applying these concepts to the actual shooting

You can also bring along a few photos of your own so we can discuss how we could improve on them.

You should install the Zoom software beforehand to allow screen sharing, so that others can see your photos during the meeting. (The Chrome browser should work as well, but other browsers may have problems.)

The Zoom meeting ID and password will be displayed below after you have joined this event.


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