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Tutorial on Film Photography

Kosten: 10,00 EUR
  • Sa 22 Feb 2020
  • 13:00 bis 18:00
  • Mettup at Cafe Cord
  • Sonnenstraße 19
  • Munich


Taking photos with your digital camera is undoubtly a lot of fun! But have you ever wondered how people did it before the digital era? Do you want to experience the thrill of producing an image through the magic of chemistry? Or do you have an old analog camera and just longing to put it to use?

We will first give a brief overview about analog photography, such as the difference between negative and positive films and what to watch out for when using them. Furthermore we will look at how to use a manual camera and deal with the limitations of it such as manual focus or the absence of a light meter.

We will then load some film and go out and shoot! Since we will be practising on the streets of Munich, we will also give you a few tips about street photography along the way.

The workshop will cost 10 EUR.

Bring your camera and film along, and for those who doesn't have a camera yet, we will have one or two spare film cameras for you to try out. We can also provide you with some black and white 35mm film (Fomapan400) at 5 EUR per roll. In both cases please let us know if you need film or a camera a few days before the event.

Looking forward to seeing you!



Profilbild: Axel Eckenberger
Axel Eckenberger

Streetphotographer from Munich, Germany Analog, Digital, anything that takes images

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