Hauptbild des Event Photo Outing – Night Photography am 2020-10-10

Photo Outing – Night Photography

Master long exposures and see the night life through the lens

  • Sa 10 Okt 2020
  • 20:00 bis 23:00
  • https://goo.gl/maps/zX2GfK9YHe5PQ1JQ9


On this photo outing we are going to do some night photography in Munich. Using long exposures we will be able to capture all the artificial lights of the city, and experiment with light trails and starbursts.

You will need to bring a tripod of this event, and we will explain the best way to get nice long exposures. We will meet at Fischbrunnen Marienplatz and eventually finish up with a beer somewhere.

Hope to see you there


  • Dear all, this event is still on for the moment. There may be a little rain in the evening, but lets see. Kafai has offered to join as second host, so the people on the interest list are most welcome. Don't forget to dress warm and dry and bring a tripod :P. See you tomorrow.

    09 Okt 20

  • Hi Gorm, would like to join too if there's a second group.

    07 Okt 20

  • Hi Gorm, I registered for the event a while back. Unfortunately I have not received any information I only have the screenshot I took while I registered. Where is the meeting point as the link above does not work for me. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to the event. Diana

    07 Okt 20

  • Hi Fine, you should still be able to register your interest. As we get closer to the event we may take two groups if we have more people interested in the event. As we have to stick to the covid-19 rules we needs to know the numbers attending accurately. If we increase the size of the event we will notify in due time. Have a great evening.

    22 Sep 20

  • Hi Gorm, I wanted to join this meet up but forgot to click "join". :( Would it be possible if I still show up on the day even though RSVP is already full? (my thinking is maybe some people might not able to join last minute...).

    22 Sep 20


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