Hauptbild des Event Online Event - Camera Basics am 2021-03-28

Online Event - Camera Basics

Master the fundamentals of using a camera to improve your photography!

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  • So 28 Mär 2021
  • 14:30 bis 16:30
  • Online


In this English based online event we will learn all the basics about operating a camera. Learn everything you need to know about aperture, shutter exposure and much more. This event is for beginners as well and intermediates.

So if you have a new camera, want to hone your skills, or just want to learn something new, join me online for this event. We will spend about 45mins plus discussion time.

Confirmed invitees will receive a Zoom link once signed into the Lulalearn.com website – so see you there!

Happy Shooting!


  • Hi everyone, I just updated my computer before the meeting (a mistake) and it has caused a lot of problems. I am afraid I have to cancel the event - very sorry, it has not happened before.

    28 Mär 21

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