Hauptbild des Event Photo Outing - Munich U-Bahn am 2020-10-04

Photo Outing - Munich U-Bahn

Take great shots of some of Munich's coolest U-Bahn stations

  • So 04 Okt 2020
  • 10:00 bis 13:00
  • Fischbrunnen, Marienplatz https://goo.gl/maps/teiLj1d3VkCs1Ekg9


Munich’s U-Bahn stations all have their very own interior design, even along the same U-Bahn line. Many of them are very photogenic see: https://gormteper.net/2018/07/22/u-bahn

In this outing we will hop-on and hop-off at different stations and capture their full glory.
We will split into small groups on the day, each choosing their line to travel on. At the end we will rendezvous again in the city the center and have a drink together!

You will need to get a day ticket for the U-Bahn and you will be given a small map to start your treasure hunt.

Looking forward to seeing you!


  • Would be great to see you Sunday for my photo review session, either with pictures from this meetup or other interesting shots you might want to share ... https://www.lulalearn.com/en/event/2c6jCK/photo-review-20201018

    16 Okt 20

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for joining the event yesterday. Hope you had a good time. You can share your photos here! https://photos.app.goo.gl/yV5Ac7E2GU7FUPPG2

    05 Okt 20

  • I put my pictures at https://bpuetz.smugmug.com/Events/Meetups/Subway-stations-20201004

    05 Okt 20

  • Hello everyone, looking forward to it tomorrow. Don't forget that with Peter kindly offering to be second host, we have space for the people who have listed their interest. Also, bring along a tripod - it will come in handy. See you there!

    03 Okt 20

  • Good morning everyone! This event has a few people still interested. We are fortunate that Peter has agreed to be a second host. This means that if you are on the interested list, you can come along to this event. On the day after explaining the format, we will anyway split up into smaller groups. Hope to see you there!

    02 Okt 20

  • Hi Margit, this is the first time this event will be run. If it goers well we might plan another one :P. Hope to see you on a future event.

    14 Sep 20

  • Hi, do you plan another Munich-U-Bahn-Photo-Outing? Would like to join, but on Oct 4th it is not possible for me. Regards, Margit

    14 Sep 20

  • I forgot to mention in the description that if you are thinking about joining this event you should bring along a tripod :)

    06 Sep 20

  • Hi Benno! I checked the exif, the photo was taken on a Friday evening, 20:52. Hope to see you there :).

    30 Aug 20

  • may I assume that your pictures were not taken during daytime? I doubt that even a Sunday morning would be that empty ...

    30 Aug 20


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