Hauptbild des Event Levitation am 2019-09-15


  • So 15 Sep 2019
  • 12:00 bis 20:00
  • EineWeltHaus
  • Schwanthalerstraße 80
  • Munich


Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness")[1] is the process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position.

Achieving that physically is difficult enough. As photographers we can cheat a bit. :-)

In photography, levitation is creating the illusion that something actually floats in the air, unsupported.

In this workshop we will meet at 11 am to take the photographs. I will instruct you on how to take them, so that the later editing is easy. We should have plenty of time to shoot your individual ideas, given that they can be shot on a lawn with bushes as background.

Please open a discussion if you want to raise your own idea so that we can organize the props that we would need for that.

Anyway, we need somebody to bring some small oriental looking carpet that we could use for a flying carpet theme.

We will take photos of each other, unless somebody organizes some willing model. That mean you should be ok with pictures taken from you that may well end up in social media.

After some lunch break, that we might do jointly or everybody on its own. we gather again in EineWeltHaus, Room 111, for the editing session. There I'll tach you how to edit the pictures for this effect.

You will bring:
1. Your digital camera. Every camera will do. It should have an M mode or AV mode in order to avoid difficulties in the editing session.
2. A tripod. Approach me, when you don't have one. I have got 3 of them and can bring them along but I need to know whether you need them.
3. Some remote control for the shutter release, cable or IR or wifi, is strongly advisable but not required.
4. Some notebook computer. Please have gimp installed already (http:///www.gimp.org) . Photoshop will do, Elements will do, and every other editing software can be used that supports levels and masks for each level. However, the example that I present will be done in Gimp and I am well prepared to answer your questions for gimp but cannot guarantee that I can solve it within your software if you prefer to use something different. (Photoshop should be ok though.)
5. Something to download the photos from your camera to your computer. You should be familiar with operating that. I suggest card readers.

EineWeltHaus: https://www.einewelthaus.de/das-haus/rundgang/



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Kafai (Private)

Hobby photographer, particularly enjoys capturing the street's fleeting moment.

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